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Domino Card 100 Club launches

We are asking the pubs, clubs, businesses, and supporters to help us achieve our aim of selling 100 Domino Cards per month.

This would raise £1,500 per month if we can get enough people to subscribe, and there is also the opportunity for you to win cash in the process.

If there are 30 numbers on a card, you could win £15, with the club also receiving the same amount, and when the card is full, you scratch off a winning number.

Some businesses and supporters have already sold some cards, but today is the official launch of the cards, and we hope that you will help the club.

Your name or business will be mentioned in the matchday programme on our new page dedicated to the Domino Card 100 Club. This will be as a thank you for supporting the club, and it can also help to promote your business.

For more information please contact Eddie McNamee on 07969 812375, or email him at Eddie.mcnamee&btintenet.com. Thank you for your support.