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STATEMENT: Open Meeting with Whitby Town’s young supporters called

Whitby Town Football Club would like to invite younger supporters to an open meeting, this Sunday, to iron out what the club believes to be misunderstandings between itself and the younger supporters of the football club.

The meeting will take place at 4pm on Sunday (September 30) in the Turnbull Ground clubhouse, with all welcome.

The club is firmly behind the efforts of getting people into the ground and supporting our team, but we also feel that there have been misunderstandings. For example, the requirement of CRB checks being in place, if under 18s are travelling unaccompanied on the away bus.

To help encourage the youngsters of the area to support the club, we have rolled out new initiatives over the summer, including the introduction of free season tickets for every school child, and the introduction of an under-18s club to allow unaccompanied youngsters to attend games at the Turnbull Ground.

The formation of the under-18s club entailed a number of different processes which had to be adhered to, including forming rules that were ratified by the Police, allowing our security to scrutinise the applications and putting in place a way of creating and distributing membership cards.

These processes have now all been finalised, and the club is in a position to push on with distributing cards to applicants. However, to do so, we need applicants to supply a passport-sized photo of themselves to go on the card. These can be returned to James Wales at the Greedy Pig, or to Whitby Town Football Club, at the following address:

The Turnbull Ground, Upgang Lane, Whitby, YO21 3HZ.

The club would like to reiterate that it both appreciates and wants a vocal support behind Chris Hardy’s team on a regular basis, home and away.