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The Seasiders

Blues launch supporters’ player fund

With the new Evo-Stik Premier season fast approaching, and signings starting to come through for the Seasiders, the club would like supporters to be at the heart of what is an exciting time for the club.

At Whitby Town we are moving forward, but keeping a small club like ours financially afloat in this league takes a lot of hard work, but with your help we want to move to the next level.

Here’s our idea. We’ve set up a separate money pot away from the bills and everyday running costs of the club. The Seasiders’ Treasure Chest. This money goes directly to the transfer/wages fund for the club. It doesn’t vanish in to the black hole that is non league football finances. It is set up in 4 stages:

Stage 1 – 500 people donate £10 – Total £5000

Stage 2 – 100 people donate £100 – Total £10000

Stage 3 – 20 people donate £250 – Total £5000

If we complete these 3 stages then the original 500 have the option to donate a further £10. This could raise the club up to £25,000

So for example. If we raise £5000 on stage 1, this money goes directly to the management team for player funding. £5000 doesn’t come off the wage bill already set aside for Chardy to work with, this goes on top of what he already has, or it could be put towards a transfer fee.

We have a number of ways that people can pledge to the Seasiders’ Treasure Chest. You can pay direct into the separate bank account created, or by cheque payable to ‘Whitby Town FC 1926 Club’. More details on those options are available on the pledge form: 1926 Club Pledge Form

You can also pay into the fund through PayPal on THIS LINK, or below, giving supporters a number of options to help out with the 2018/19 playing budget.