Whitby Town Football Club

The Seasiders


Whitby Town Football Club would like to confirm that the main stand could not open until it complied with all Health and Safety regulations.

With that, the stand must, at all times, comply with the general safety certificate issued under the Fire Safety and Safety of Places Act 1987.

At the club’s 2017 AGM, the members expressed their concern over the steepness of the stand’s steps and instructed the committee to write to Trading Standard requesting detailed advice regarding the installation of some type of hand rail.

North Yorkshire Tranding Standards did reply: “if you are feeling that there is a matter which needs to be addressed, then it will be something which the board will need to risk assess and make a decision as to the way forward.”

Trading Standards’ reply was fully discussed by the club’s committee and at no time was possible cost mentioned.

The committee felt that the stand was fully compliant with health and safety regulations and any accident after alterations made could leave the full members liable for any claim. The committee therefore reluctantly decided to take no action.