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Eddie McNamee on the 2019 Sponsored Walk

Eddie McNamee was delighted with the way in which Saturday’s Sponsored Walk panned out as a record turnout participated in fundraising for the club.

Over 40 supporters, investors and playing staff took part in the third edition of the walk, a figure that shows just how much everyone is getting on board with Whitby Town.

And these were all factors that pleased the Chairman in what was the first walk under his leadership at the club following his appointment in October.

“The weather was cracking for everyone,” said the Chairman.

“It was good to see so many supporters and investors doing the walk, and also the players who have turned up as well so overall it’s a cracking day and a good atmosphere which is what we’re looking for.

“We’re after a feel good factor at the club and it’s good to see the supporters mixing with the players and investors and to feel a real big part of the club.”

The social aspect of the walk was key to getting so many people involved, however that also led to more money being raised for the club which is a great way to help the club.

And with finances being a struggle for the club in recent years, such a strong number of participants was pleasing to see for the Chairman who has an aim of making the club stable.

“At the end of the day, raising money for the club is what it’s all about,” McNamee stated.

“The social side of it whilst also raising money for the club is great and that’s what it’s all about. We’re working on raising funds with a social aspect across this year.

“We’ve already had the comedy night and we’ve also got the Banquet and Ball this year. We’ve also got the Gala Day and the Whitby Community Band want to keep getting involved.”

Looking ahead to next big event at the club, Eddie McNamee revealed that he hopes Gala Day can be an improvement on last year where the weather disrupted plans.

But with that hope in mind, the Chairman believes that this year’s event can be bigger and better than ever following it’s return in 2018.

“We’ll hope for a decent day with lots of people getting involved,” McNamee said.

“We’ve got people wanting to get involved at the Gala Day in various forms and lots of people wanting to help so everything’s looking good for the future.

“We want people to come and enjoy themselves first and foremost, but also helping the club financially through the Gala Day which is what it’s all about.”

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